Beware! The Oklahoma City Thunder Could Be Prepared to Ravage Your Eardrums

By Will Brinson
Courtesy of

The word on the street for all of you suckers entrepreneurs who purchased and is that you are probably going to be disappointed with your investment.

That’s because, as KOCO-5 in Oklahoma City is reporting, it appears as if the NBA’s newest franchise name will be the “Oklahoma City Thunder.”

The registrar for all of the NBA’s Internet domain names reserved and on July 10, according to information gleaned from

CSC Corporate Domains describes itself as a domain name management company for corporations, law firms and intellectual property professionals. It is the registrar of record for and all other domains managed by NBA Media Ventures, LLC.

Now, the first thing that came to my mind when I heard “Oklahoma City Thunder” was “Oooooo … incredibly loud and completely harmless noises created by nature! I’m terrified!” (At least the Sonics were fast.)

Then I realized that by naming their team the “Thunder”, Clay Bennett was going for an all-out barrage of AC/DC at home basketball games. (“Thunderstruck”, obv.) Which I totally back.

And, potentially more practically is the fact that the NBA prefers names like “” and “” for obvious marketing purposes. “” redirects to “”, which appears to be a Silicon Valley communications company.

Now, if I’m the owner of, I’m probably willing to take a couple thousand bucks off David Stern’s hands so fans don’t have to type every single time they want to check out their favorite team.

So: decent enough name? Check. Rockin’ theme music potential? Double check. Readily available WNBA nickname (Lightning!)? Triple check. Looks good to me. Plus, I hear thunder is technically soulless, so this kind of works well.


2 Responses to “Beware! The Oklahoma City Thunder Could Be Prepared to Ravage Your Eardrums”

  1. I’m lookin’ forward to it 😉

  2. I’m so hyped this season to see the OKC Thunder play! All us fans should rally together, man! Check out this new forum just for OKC fans!

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