The Day The NBA Disappeared

Does Anyone Really Care Anymore?

Does Anyone Really Care Anymore?

This site was created to talk openly about the injustice that just occurred in the city of Seattle. Being a native son of the Emerald City, I grew up with the NBA, namely Seattle Sonics, and had been a diehard fan since I can remember. NBA is IT for me, no other sport came close. Growing up watching greats like Kareem, Magic, Jordan and Bird, I was hooked on the NBA. However, the one thing that kept me in and glued to the TV was the Sonics! Whether it was Chamber, Xman, Ellis, Kemp or GP, the Sonics is all I cared about. The Mariners and Seahawks came a distant 2nd and 3rd…my how quickly that has changed! The NBA, a month ago, isn’t even in my top 3, being replaced by soccer! Watching the Euro 2008 tournament, with previous World Cups, sealed the deal for me.

It all started too when Shultz sold the team. Man, that was stupid! How do you not even try and push the team to a local buyer, really?!? I guess you have to be from Seattle to really understand how messed up this whole situation is. Imagine if the Knicks or Lakers were sold off to a new ownership group, demanded a new building or else, then that ownership group traded away all the talent those teams had (bad example with the Knicks) so that fan interest would go down, then demanded pushed that same year to move your team! Sounds crazy, sounds stupid, its what happened in Seattle!

Why would a team like Seattle let Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis leave for nothing? Why not allow Durant the opportunity to learn from two of the better players in the league? Wouldn’t that have take a lot of preasure off of him? Whould he be an even better player because of it? Wouldn’t the Sonics be competing for a playoff berth? Wouldn’t the Key Arena sell out to see that 1-2-3 punch? If the answer is Yes to all the above, you have to ask did Bennett and his troops REALLY make every effort to stay in Seattle? It is an obvious NO and shows how much of a bullshit deal this really was!

It is not all of his doing either…Seattle Mayor Nickels and Washington Governor Gregoire did not help the situation either. In fact they were part of this travesty. They were part of the mess…and that goes for all of our state legislatures too. Team Balmer gave the city a true gift and they did nothing! The state legislature made every attempt to not deal with the issue and push it off as if it were not important. And now, after the team is gone, they say “The time is now!” Why is the time now when they already left? I ask Team Balmer to not try anymore! I want to thank them for their support and courage in a tough time in Seattle sports history, but I ask them to focus their efforts on a new venture. One that we can stand behind with pride and respect the end product.

My days of watching, support, paying for products, of the NBA are over. I am finished with the NBA draft, regular season, playoffs and finals! I will not go to or pay one more cent to support any NBA product again! I already stopped drinking Starbucks and the NBA will be even easier to kick. There is no addiction in the NBA!

Dadream in Seattle


5 Responses to “The Day The NBA Disappeared”

  1. As am I just as pissed off and the Sonics weren’t even my team. I am a Portland native and have also lived near Seattle But my team is the Trailblazers. The Sonics were our main rival and we have had some great series battles over the years. Who will Portland’s next rival be? How are they going to re-align the NW division?

    Why is David Stern fighting with Seattle and the previous owner Howard Schultz about the rights to a team that they loved? Why did David Stern allow the new owner Clat Bennett and asshole i’d like to mention.

    The questions that I would ask, how much did Clay Bennett and his investors pay Stern to allow the Sonics to crumble and move in as little as one season? The NBA has lost trust in me about the ease of a well based frachise to be evicted and moved due to the ownership tanking the team to lose fan support.

    David Stern is a thief and a cowardly man to not assist Howard Schultz in his grievance against Clay Bennett but Stern is attempting to involve the NBA and their lawyers into the lawsuit….To defend Clay Bennett. So how much is Stern getting paid????

  2. okc thunder Says:

    The emeral city….so jaded. Shoulda fought for your team and supported them with tax dollars. Oh well we will enjoy them in okc!!!

  3. What a bunch of whiners, you had your chance, and you as a town ,you blew it big. If you look back at the Hornets time in OKC, You’ll see every home game sold out or nearly so. We gave them phenomenal support over 2 years. That is why Stern was so convinced we could handle it, and gave his support and blessing for a team here. Hell, the Hornets owner and even the players wanted to stay. CP3 still holds a kids clinic here in OKC for the last 3 years. Several times Shinn approached Stern about this, but in the end, the Moral thing to do was go back. We understood this and didn’t Whine about it. You know you came within a hair of never ever even getting a replacement team, for all the crap that you guys dished out. Stern was quoted as saying that if this blocking attempt didn’t stop, Seattle would Never get another franchise because he would quash it. And besides, what owner in his right mind would expose his investment to such vitriol. So you better consider yourself lucky as it stands. Oh, and all the name calling you did with Okie’s was pretty childish. So grow the Hell up people.

  4. Will a few years of 20 win seasons yield similar attendance to what Memphis is currently experiencing? I will wait and see if the OKC fans will support a loser long-term. I guess it helps that it’s the only pro sports option in town.

  5. Haimzna,

    I don’t necessarily think that OKC will not be a supportive city, but you are right; if the team does not produce after a few season, what will the support of the city be then?

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