Oklahoma City Thunder It Is!

New Logo?

New Logo?


Could this be the new logo the Thunder unveil?  Are they going to put this on the back of their jersey’s?  Is the mascot going to be a man in a yellow thunder outfit? Today is the day Clay Bennett and his team reveal the new name, logo, mascot and colors of his new team in Oklahoma City. It has been widely speculated that Oklahoma City Thunder will be the new name of the newly stolen NBA franchise…formerly the Seattle Sonics.  The domains that have been reserved are http://www.okcthunderbasketball.com and http://www.okcthunderbasketball.net; not very catchy or easy to type out, but everyone will know what the hell it means. It hasn’t gone live yet, but we are all dying to see what it has to say. I am sure David Stern has blessed the new site and will be the biggest fan in the world of the new “stolen” franchise…until another big money player comes in and seduces the commissioner. Anyhow, I for one will not be watching and hope Europe can somehow put together a few more mega million offers to the NBA elite and reduce the talent level on the court to the lack of talent in the front offices.

Dadream in Seattle


6 Responses to “Oklahoma City Thunder It Is!”

  1. chris turan Says:

    that’s lightning, not thunder – why would that be their logo?

  2. So how would thunder look to you???

  3. scott wilson Says:

    and the thunder rolls! Are you one of those pissed off seattleites? The team wasnt stolen. The way Seattle played the court cases, they gave it away. Because if you say it was stolen, you have to admit that the “dumb rednecks” out smarted the leaders of Seattle. Would that mean that your leaders are dumber that a bunch of country rednecks?

  4. Scott,

    I don’t think you really understand what happened in Seattle. The city didn’t play their hand well and quite frankly did a pretty shitty job with this whole mess; but the NBA was at fault as much as anyone else. They allowed the team to be pulled out of a 41 year franchise; they allowed the team to move from a top ten market to a bottom 50 market; they allowed a team, who has won a championship, to leave history behind them. “Dumb rednecks”; I wouldn’t go as far as to categorize OKC as that; “Two Face Numbnuts” I would call Clay Bennett, David Stern and Howard Shultz! You are right about one thing Scott, the Seattle leaders are a bunch of dumb asses!

  5. The Thunder is not THAT bad of a name… could be a lot better though…the logo sucks ass bigtime though.

    Thunder is a fitting name if you think about it.

    –>Supersonics (su·per·son·ic)
    1. greater than the speed of sound waves through air.
    2. capable of achieving such speed: a supersonic plane.

    –>Thunder (thun·der)
    1. a loud, explosive, resounding noise produced by the explosive
    expansion of air heated by a lightning discharge.
    2. any loud, resounding noise: the thunder of applause.
    3. a threatening or startling utterance, denunciation, or the like.

    By looking at these… you could say thunder is what you hear after a jet goes by right…? so name wise, Thunder is what you get after the Supersonics have come and gone.

    really though, the BISONS, BARONS, MARSHALLS (2 L’s?) would have each been a better name, especially from the logo end.

    I agree with Scott.
    HOW ON EARTH DO YOU SEE THUNDER????? Anything you have is gonna end up looking like lightning… the Warriors kinda use that already.

    As for the Logo they put out, a better logo can be found at a High School. Did they hold a contest with grade school kids?
    I really hope this only ends up as a secondary and they are still working on the real thing. Sadly with the press conference, probobly not.
    Did anyone see Damien’s face, he didn’t look to pumped up about it.

    in closing, good luck OKC, show Seattle what they fucked up on.
    the former owner, Schultz, was amped on his own Starbucks Triple Latte (he’s the CEO) to really care about the Sonics like he should have.
    If Seattle ever gets another team i will be rooting to see them loose their first match up against the Thunder.

  6. C. Winn,

    Your message was so long I actually forgot what you were talking about. You are right though, Shultz fucked up, but if the NBA were to come back, I am one fan that won’t be watching.

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