David Stern Impresses Again; Surprise Surprise…

What do I do next?

What do I do next?

Well, the new Oklahoma City Thunder are really making a splash like David Stern predicted.  It hasn’t even been half a season and the fans are already booing their new franchise.  I guess a 2 and whatever start will make any fan unhappy, but for a new team that is looking to create a new identity in the league; this wasn’t the identity they wanted to have.  Is it any surprise though that this has happened?  Did anyone really expect the Thunder to come in and make an impact; both on the floor and in the market? 

Especially since our economy has taken a turn for the worse, the NBA cannot afford to be losing revenue in any market.  Good thing they elected to move from a top 10 US market down to a top 60?  Wow!  I am sure David Stern is looking pretty as a business manager; moving a team to a market that is worse off than most of America.  Most major corporations wouldn’t stand for such a blunder of a move.  I am sure that Microsoft, Starbucks or even Sony would not allow their leader to make such a bonehead move and let that person stay in charge.  Is it possible David Stern has lost his edge?  The man that brought the NBA to every home in America looks as though he has taken it away 10 years later.  Maybe it is a time for a change?  Maybe it is time a once successful business, such as the NBA, should take a look in the mirror and do what is necessary.  It will take more than Lebron, Kobe and Yao to change what is happening with the image of the NBA.  It will take less circus acts, like the Knicks and Thunder, to get people back in the stands and behind their televisions in support of their once compelling product.  I guess only time will tell.


One Response to “David Stern Impresses Again; Surprise Surprise…”

  1. do your homework.... Says:

    ….b4 saying that it will take less circus acts to get ppl behind their televisions. TV ratings are really good and the NBA even outdrew baseball last year. Oh and the fact that almost every game counts now (look at the standings….there are lots of teams who cant even afford a 2-3 game losing streak) and the fact that some of the best players in the league (Kobe, Wade, LeBron, Howard etc.) are putting up big performances on a daily basis makes the league compelling. Do your homework instead of talking out of your behind. Oh merchandise sales are skyrocketing (the NBA Store and NBA Store.com saw record sales numbers last month) and the NBA keeps growing all over the world and is pretty big among younger people, the fans of tomorrow. Oh and a poll showed the NBA is the most popular league on social networking sites


    “Tracking sports’ online cacophony is tricky enough when just focusing on league websites.

    So how do you figure out what millions of fans are talking about in the cacophony of social media?

    Vitrue, an Atlanta marketing company, is trying to do that by tracking mentions of brands — including sports brands — on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube and hordes of blogs.

    Its Social Media Index, begun in October, hasn’t been around long enough to take in-season and offseason variations into account. But, so far, the NBA is the leader.

    This week it generated about 26.8% of the online buzz among nine sports measured, followed by the NFL (19.2%), NASCAR (16.1%), NHL (11.2%), BMX racing (10.1%), MLB (9.7%), PGA Tour (3.5%), ATP men’s tennis (1.9%) and AVP volleyball (1.5%). The NBA was the highest-rated sports brand in Vitrue’s first year-end rankings, finishing 35th overall. (Apple’s iPhone was No. 1.)”


    And, despite all those attendance problems people like you are talking about, there are about 20 teams who play in packed arenas night in and night out (some of them, off the top of my head, are Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Boston. Utah, Phoenix, New York, Oklahoma City, Portland, Dallas, San Antonio). Can morons like you shut up?



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