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Welcome To Thunder Chat

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Thunder Chat, Not Thundercats!

Thunder Chat, Not Thundercats!

I want to thank all who have visited and to those who have already left comments.  No comment will be censored on this blog nor changed to look favorable towards one stance or another.  I have my views on this disaster of a situation, but I know the views of many will be different. 

In the end I am happy for Oklahoma City and thought they did deserve an NBA franchise, however with the several failing in markets around the NBA, whom I will not name, it is a shame that they stole one from a championship city with 41 years of history and tradition!  Just a shame…

The Oklahoma City Thunder are unfortunately a symbol corruption and “evil” corporate shenanigans by David Stern and the NBA.  This has tainted any positive reputation the NBA has had with me and has cost the league at least one fan.  The Seattle Sonics, RIP, are no more and so is the NBA.

DaDream in Seattle