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David Stern Impresses Again; Surprise Surprise…

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What do I do next?

What do I do next?

Well, the new Oklahoma City Thunder are really making a splash like David Stern predicted.  It hasn’t even been half a season and the fans are already booing their new franchise.  I guess a 2 and whatever start will make any fan unhappy, but for a new team that is looking to create a new identity in the league; this wasn’t the identity they wanted to have.  Is it any surprise though that this has happened?  Did anyone really expect the Thunder to come in and make an impact; both on the floor and in the market? 

Especially since our economy has taken a turn for the worse, the NBA cannot afford to be losing revenue in any market.  Good thing they elected to move from a top 10 US market down to a top 60?  Wow!  I am sure David Stern is looking pretty as a business manager; moving a team to a market that is worse off than most of America.  Most major corporations wouldn’t stand for such a blunder of a move.  I am sure that Microsoft, Starbucks or even Sony would not allow their leader to make such a bonehead move and let that person stay in charge.  Is it possible David Stern has lost his edge?  The man that brought the NBA to every home in America looks as though he has taken it away 10 years later.  Maybe it is a time for a change?  Maybe it is time a once successful business, such as the NBA, should take a look in the mirror and do what is necessary.  It will take more than Lebron, Kobe and Yao to change what is happening with the image of the NBA.  It will take less circus acts, like the Knicks and Thunder, to get people back in the stands and behind their televisions in support of their once compelling product.  I guess only time will tell.


Does David Stern Tell The Truth?

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Is There Any Truth Out There?

Is There Any Truth Out There?

It was only a few years ago that Commissioner David Stern had told everyone how great the Key Arena was. He was proud, excited and had his chest out when talking about the once marveled Key Arena…funny how those sentiments changed in just a few short years. What could have changed his mind so quickly? Could it have been the boat loads of money staring him in the face by Clay Bennett? Who knows; but one thing I do is that video never lies!

Dadream In Seattle

The Day The NBA Disappeared

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Does Anyone Really Care Anymore?

Does Anyone Really Care Anymore?

This site was created to talk openly about the injustice that just occurred in the city of Seattle. Being a native son of the Emerald City, I grew up with the NBA, namely Seattle Sonics, and had been a diehard fan since I can remember. NBA is IT for me, no other sport came close. Growing up watching greats like Kareem, Magic, Jordan and Bird, I was hooked on the NBA. However, the one thing that kept me in and glued to the TV was the Sonics! Whether it was Chamber, Xman, Ellis, Kemp or GP, the Sonics is all I cared about. The Mariners and Seahawks came a distant 2nd and 3rd…my how quickly that has changed! The NBA, a month ago, isn’t even in my top 3, being replaced by soccer! Watching the Euro 2008 tournament, with previous World Cups, sealed the deal for me.

It all started too when Shultz sold the team. Man, that was stupid! How do you not even try and push the team to a local buyer, really?!? I guess you have to be from Seattle to really understand how messed up this whole situation is. Imagine if the Knicks or Lakers were sold off to a new ownership group, demanded a new building or else, then that ownership group traded away all the talent those teams had (bad example with the Knicks) so that fan interest would go down, then demanded pushed that same year to move your team! Sounds crazy, sounds stupid, its what happened in Seattle!

Why would a team like Seattle let Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis leave for nothing? Why not allow Durant the opportunity to learn from two of the better players in the league? Wouldn’t that have take a lot of preasure off of him? Whould he be an even better player because of it? Wouldn’t the Sonics be competing for a playoff berth? Wouldn’t the Key Arena sell out to see that 1-2-3 punch? If the answer is Yes to all the above, you have to ask did Bennett and his troops REALLY make every effort to stay in Seattle? It is an obvious NO and shows how much of a bullshit deal this really was!

It is not all of his doing either…Seattle Mayor Nickels and Washington Governor Gregoire did not help the situation either. In fact they were part of this travesty. They were part of the mess…and that goes for all of our state legislatures too. Team Balmer gave the city a true gift and they did nothing! The state legislature made every attempt to not deal with the issue and push it off as if it were not important. And now, after the team is gone, they say “The time is now!” Why is the time now when they already left? I ask Team Balmer to not try anymore! I want to thank them for their support and courage in a tough time in Seattle sports history, but I ask them to focus their efforts on a new venture. One that we can stand behind with pride and respect the end product.

My days of watching, support, paying for products, of the NBA are over. I am finished with the NBA draft, regular season, playoffs and finals! I will not go to or pay one more cent to support any NBA product again! I already stopped drinking Starbucks and the NBA will be even easier to kick. There is no addiction in the NBA!

Dadream in Seattle

Beware! The Oklahoma City Thunder Could Be Prepared to Ravage Your Eardrums

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By Will Brinson
Courtesy of

The word on the street for all of you suckers entrepreneurs who purchased and is that you are probably going to be disappointed with your investment.

That’s because, as KOCO-5 in Oklahoma City is reporting, it appears as if the NBA’s newest franchise name will be the “Oklahoma City Thunder.”

The registrar for all of the NBA’s Internet domain names reserved and on July 10, according to information gleaned from

CSC Corporate Domains describes itself as a domain name management company for corporations, law firms and intellectual property professionals. It is the registrar of record for and all other domains managed by NBA Media Ventures, LLC.

Now, the first thing that came to my mind when I heard “Oklahoma City Thunder” was “Oooooo … incredibly loud and completely harmless noises created by nature! I’m terrified!” (At least the Sonics were fast.)

Then I realized that by naming their team the “Thunder”, Clay Bennett was going for an all-out barrage of AC/DC at home basketball games. (“Thunderstruck”, obv.) Which I totally back.

And, potentially more practically is the fact that the NBA prefers names like “” and “” for obvious marketing purposes. “” redirects to “”, which appears to be a Silicon Valley communications company.

Now, if I’m the owner of, I’m probably willing to take a couple thousand bucks off David Stern’s hands so fans don’t have to type every single time they want to check out their favorite team.

So: decent enough name? Check. Rockin’ theme music potential? Double check. Readily available WNBA nickname (Lightning!)? Triple check. Looks good to me. Plus, I hear thunder is technically soulless, so this kind of works well.

Welcome To Thunder Chat

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Thunder Chat, Not Thundercats!

Thunder Chat, Not Thundercats!

I want to thank all who have visited and to those who have already left comments.  No comment will be censored on this blog nor changed to look favorable towards one stance or another.  I have my views on this disaster of a situation, but I know the views of many will be different. 

In the end I am happy for Oklahoma City and thought they did deserve an NBA franchise, however with the several failing in markets around the NBA, whom I will not name, it is a shame that they stole one from a championship city with 41 years of history and tradition!  Just a shame…

The Oklahoma City Thunder are unfortunately a symbol corruption and “evil” corporate shenanigans by David Stern and the NBA.  This has tainted any positive reputation the NBA has had with me and has cost the league at least one fan.  The Seattle Sonics, RIP, are no more and so is the NBA.

DaDream in Seattle